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Our Quick Quality Checklist for Kids Clothing

High quality in children's clothing is very important to us. There are many things we are looking for when we choose the brand or the collection for kiddos.

* Fabric - We try to source clothes made of natural fibers, like cotton, wool and silk, because chemically treated fabrics might cause an allergy or poisoning.

* Stitching - We check the stitching lines to make sure all are straight, not too tight or too loose, and to make sure that clothes won't fall apart after many washes.

* Safety - We check buttons, snaps, zippers, and velcro to make sure that they are made in a way that it won't harm or hurt the child in any way.

* Long lasting - We try to test (by washing them) the samples from our collections to make sure that they preserve the texture and colors of the fabric as we see it the first time.

* Comfort - We even try the chosen samples on our littles ones to make sure that they are not itchy, stiff or hard, and not tight yet can stay on comfortably.

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